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    Database is locked whm update problem

    It is because the hosting firm has an auto 'yum update' launch in their ISOs & the database gets locked until it finishes updating. After the update, the error will disappear.
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    Cloudflare Plugin for cPanel

    No, it's not possible without Cloudflare's partnership.
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    Best Email Hosting for Sending WHMCS mails

    Use the Postmarkapp email service to avoid the spam issue. The default whmcs email template ( New Account Information ) includes the server's IP Address which can hit the email to the spam folder. Try by switching "{$service_server_ip}" to "{$service_server_hostname}" can help you a lot.
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    Reliable US reseller web hosting provider?

    Hi, Going to start reselling and need to choose a good host offering reseller hosting accounts and providing stable hosting services in the US. Need fast support also.
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