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    [HostNinjah] 50% OFF Chinese New Year Recurring | DirectAdmin Hosted In Singapore!

    HostNinjah is a small web hosting company founded on August 2020. Our vision for HostNinjah is to provide affordable yet reliable web hosting for Singaporeans. Although the branding "HostNinjah" is new, rest assured that the owner running the company is experienced in the web hosting industry...
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    Reliable US reseller web hosting provider?

    Good things are not cheap, and good things are not cheap my friend. A web hosting company which offers good uptime and price might not have fast support. Also, support timezone does play a role. They might me online but just not at your timezone.
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    Cloudflare Plugin for cPanel

    Yup not possible. Actually for end users to setup cloudflare is pretty straight forward. Probably just guide them via a KB link will do.
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    Looking for a good web host is one that offers reliable hosting

    There are so many web hosting companies nowadays. My advise is that, you can try to send an enquiry email or ticket and see their response time. If you are still sceptical, you can always pay for a month and try their services. Most web host do provide money back guarantee.
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